Lucy and Maya Sage are Wise Sage Healing

We are a mother and daughter duo, Lucy and Maya Sage; together we run Wise Sage, a holistic wellbeing and catering company.  We know how to look after your wellbeing with the emphasis being on you as an individual and what you need to be well and balanced.

Lucy Sage

I am the founder of Wise Sage Healing.  I have a love of great food, amazing treatments and flowing yoga, deliciously packed into fantastically luxurious settings. Brought up in the hills of Wales, I made a beeline for London in my teens to start my path of working and training in hospitality and wellbeing. I have trained with  the Thai Massage School in Chang Mai, Alak Yog, YTTC in Rishikesh and Mahendra Syani  of Mendme in Wembley among other influences and trainings globally, I have developed an intuitive touch and can sense what treatment is necessary and I work with my clients to attain achievable goals to wellbeing. After many years of running Wise Sage successfully in London and in the festival and wedding circuits. I have now returned to the countryside, drawn to the sea and Cornish hills. I work between Cornwall and London, enjoying the best of both worlds.

My Yoga Flow

Having practiced yoga since my 20’s I am now qualified to teach, having trained in Rishikesh with my Yogi Chandrakant at Alakyog.  I have found my niche in dance yoga flow, it’s incredible.  Teaching from beginners to level two, both in small groups or one to one, a mighty practice.

My Food:  Wondrous, tailor made delights to serve every occasion from brunch and dinner at home, to all your special occasions. I am extremely passionate about colourful, full flavoured, healthy and mouth watering foods.  I focus on quality,  local, organic and seasonal produce from farmers and growers, I know and trust.  I work intuitively, with you to create menus, you will love and cherish.  I invite healthy delicious dishes from around the globe into your world and let the flavours linger long enough to leave you wanting more. Book Wise Sage to come to you ….Now!

Our new treatment room is now located at Jubilee Wharf in Penryn

Maya Sage

Maya Sage is a qualified, experienced and intuitive Massage Therapist, working professionally now for 2 years. Maya first discovered her passion for Bodywork through her study of the Performing Arts, especially many years of rigorous Dance and Theatre training. Maya learned early the important benefits stretching, rest and massage can have on the recovery of muscles after exercise and in aiding recovery of injuries. Maya experienced many injuries throughout her training and professional career, painful and frustrating as that sounds, it actually was massively positive as it encouraged Maya to learn more about mindfulness, and the anatomy of the body. How the vicious cycle of tension created by stress can add to the risk of developing lesions (knots) or even strains and sprains in the body.

Experimenting at first with self massage and practicing Yoga, Pilates, and Alexander Technique through her Theatre training, Maya then went on to train with ITEC and earned her Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage. Under the watchful eye of the original Wise Sage, her mum Lucy, she continued her training at home learning “No Hands Massage” techniques using body weight, progressing on to undertake an advanced professional massage course with leading Osteopath and Healer Mahendra Siyani. On the ‘Mendme’ course, Maya discovered ways to incorporate Yogic inspired techniques to stretch and manipulate the muscles in preparation for deeper massage and also deepened her understanding of the importance of alignment and posture awareness for both client and therapist.
Maya has a warm, welcoming presence and likes to create a relaxing, casual yet professional environment for her clients to unwind and heal. After only a short time working professionally, Maya has built a loyal client base in London who swear by her massages as a regular way to release tension built up through exercise and everyday stress.

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