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Wise Sage Healing offers a wide range of complementary therapies, products and workshops. We will come to you, be it in your home, office, event or party, so book now for a luxurious treatment in comfort.


Acupressure Chair Massage 20 or 60 minutes

Works on acupressure points throughout the body to unblock tensions and improve the flow of Chi.  Gives the client an immediate feeling of relaxation, rejuvenating them and has been proven to improve productivity in the work place.

Holistic Massage 60 or 90 minutes plus

This treatment is generally a full body massage that works holistically, encompassing the emotional and physical needs of the client and approaches the client as a whole being, bringing, spirit, mind and body together and working in harmony.

Aromatherapy 60 or 90 minutes plus

Using essential oils derived from plants, it can help many ailments and help to alter mood. The treatment can come in the form of a massage with a blended synergy of oils or a blended cream or synergy of oils created for you for the bath or burner.

An aromatherapy massage uses a synergy of hand selected essential oils and base oils to suit the clients symptoms and needs, it works on many levels with the systems of the body and has been found to alter mood for the better, relax, alleviate pain and help aid skin conditions. It is a deeply relaxing treatment that allows the client to really let go and surrender to the experience.

Deep Tissue Massage 60 or 90 minutes plus

This technique works to help the body to eliminate toxins, increases blood flow,  following the fibres of the muscles and tendons using deep massage strokes and techniques to alleviate tight, sore muscles and knots to help them break down and heal.

Hot Stone Massage 60 or 90 minutes plus

This treatment uses heated basalt and chilled marble stones to give a really relaxing and detoxifying massage. tones are specifically mapped out to work into the body and then used to massage with oils, this can be a facial massage, reflexology massage, alternatively it can all be incorporated into a luxurious full body treatment.

Luxurious Warm Scalp Massage, Infused Cornish Sea Salt Scrub, with hot stone massage and reflexology available for 90 or 120 minutes

Head Massage involves manipulation of the soft tissues of the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp, all areas that are vulnerable to stress. The massage has been adapted over thousands of years from ancient Ayurvedic techniques. Head Massage can improve circulation and lymphatic drainage to the shoulders, head, neck, scalp and face. It can loosen tight scalp muscles and tendons, relieves headaches, neck and shoulder stiffness and may help reduce insomnia, promote clearer thinking and aid concentration. Overall it induces a sense of deep relaxation.

Thai Foot Massage45 Minutes

This treatment brings reflexology and Thai massage together working on the lower legs and feet. This powerful combination of techniques using bathing, massage with hands and a special wooden stick on reflexology points, brings relaxation an unblocking of energy and helps to maintain healthy systems within the body.

Signature Natural Facial & Facial Massage 60 or 90 Minutes

This facial uses all natural and freshly made products that are vegan and Cornish. The treatment is tailored to your own skin kind, combined with a toning and revitalising massage using Marma points and face lift massage that leaves the skin looking radiant.

Pregnancy Massage60 or 90 minutes plus

Relaxing and tension freeing massage for mums to be, knowledgable therapists that can work with your needs for achievable wellbeing goals.

Baby Massage60 minutes

Baby Massage classes run for 4 weeks and can be given in the comfort of your own home or in a group setting.

Reflexology/Pregnancy Reflexology and Foot Massage45 or 60 minutes

Reflexology is given on the feet and legs, it is based on the principal that the entire body’s systems are mapped out on the feet and that by working specific pressure points and meridian lines, this can brings about change in the corresponding organs, glands or systems of the body. Reflexology is thought to help free the flow of energy around the body by improving the circulation and stimulating the organs of elimination. This is believed to bring the body back to a state of equilibrium, thereby promoting the body’s natural healing power.

Pamper Hour60 minutes

Luxurious hand blended aromatherapy foot soak and scrub, followed by a stress relieving foot massage with a sumptuous cooling and moisturising cream, to put a spring back into your step.

A revitalising and rejuvenating mini facial with rose water, natural deep pore cleanser and hot towel compress, followed by an aromatherapy face balm mask. Cooling eye pads and a specially hand blended luxury aromatherapy face and neck oil massage complete this mini facial miracle.

The pamper hour is topped off with a hand blended aromatherapy oil back massage to smooth away any ruffles.

Wise Sage Pamper Signature Facial60 minutes

Luxury hand blended aromatherapy products are used in this sixty minute facial.  Especially handcrafted, high quality products have been designed to leave your skin feeling revitalised, this Pamper Facial incorporates a stress relieving neck and head massage, with either a cooling foot or hand massage to really let go of all stress. 

Wise Sage Signature Foot Spa -60 minutes

Fantastic feet, alive again after a busy time.  Hand blended, natural, quality, aromatherapy foot soak, scrub and cooling foot massage cream will take you to another dimension in relieving tension! Sixty minutes of sheer bliss whilst our pamper team look after your herbal tea dreams. Just divine, it’s time to shine, dance and dine!

Appointments can also be made to come to us for a treatment in our therapy rooms, please note that treatments will be charged in full if cancellation happens under 24 hours notice, thank you.


I use a a range of different massage and skincare products in my treatments. We use both our own bespoke, plant based, Seaweed and Cornish sea salt based, cruelty free products and we are in partnership with a marvellous local company called Scence.


Natural nourishing skincare Hand Crafted in Cornwall, UK.
Organic Ingredients Eco-friendly packaging and suitable for vegans
Plastic Free & cruelty free. For more information about their products visit their site.

Scence range of products

Wise Sage Bespoke

Wise Sage bring you our very own range of individually crafted and bespoke natural and organic beauty products:

Lucy’s Lotions are all natural, organic and hand made, please contact s for a personal consultation and then we can make up your very own Lucy Lotion, face oil, cream, balm, scrub, mask or gel, using quality essential oils and natural products.

Lucy’s Lotions
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